10 December, 2007

Finished working on Adltetz

Sorry for being silent for the last two three weeks. Being silent does not say that I was idling. It was a very busy time cause I finished working on the adletz.net. That was a a really busy time,

The site provides marketers to advertise their products and services on the internet, where ad publishers can give some space to the ad and earn money. This works similar to the Google Ads, but the magic is that here the ads does not need a lot of space, the ads are peeling away, when the mouse is hovered on the little message you see. The ads are called Peel Away Ads.The actual ad is 500*500 pixels, but as it is hidden the web page owners may not feel much difficulty where as they dont need to allocate a lot of space for it. The message is just 100*100 pixel image.

So why not you take a look at it. This will help you to save the space of your web page and get rid of the making trouble to your user with traditional pop ups. ....

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