20 January, 2008

SUN acquires MySQL

This may be an exiting news yet true, Sun Microsystems (yes the ones who owns java) bought MySQL AB for 1 billion Dollars. This makes Sun the third largest maker of server computers. Sun Microsystems CEO on buying MySQL AB Jonathan Schwartz says that they are putting millions of Dollars behind the ‘M’ in LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP).

MySQL is a very popular DBMS, it is used for high tech systems including FaceBook, Google and many more banking softwares, CMSs like Drupal, SilverStripe. So Sun will have a good time after this.

What do I feel is that MySQL will be much more strengthen by this. MySQL’s revenue last year was $50,000,000 USD which is a large amount of money. And Sun has spent much more than that for this deal.

But things can change, I mean this is not a time to dream about the future of MySQL.

Anyway Good Luck SUN!

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