11 February, 2008

Yahoo rejects Microsoft's Bid

Today 11th 02 2008 evening when I was reading CNN news I found that Yahoo has rejected the bid proposed by the Microsoft for $44.6 Billion.

I think this is some thing great for open source communities and the freedom they are always talking about. Because if Microsoft acquires Yahoo then Microsoft's capitalistic assets will grow and it will lead people to be Microsotinzed.

We are lucky........

04 February, 2008

Started using Ubuntu

This is one of my dreams I had. I could not change myself to Ubuntu (Linux) just because I had to work with Microsoft Softwares and Microsoft Programming languages such as c#.net, vb.net, ASP.net at the University. Always what I thought was it will be really hard to work with Linux.
But at the very beginning of this year I found a part time job at a web development company Intervest. I am working there as a web designer and a developer. I found some nice people there, and some of them wanted to use open source softwares because of the legitimate issues with Microsoft and so on (they have to pay a lot for those softwares). So as I am the designer they encouraged me to learn GIMP and Linux. I chose Ubuntu (7.10 Gutsy)
Though I have used Ubuntu 6.06 earlier I am not very much familiar with it. So had to panic at the very beginning. I had some problems with the graphics card and some networking failures (No I am not using any modem), but managed to find answers quite easily by referring to the Ubuntu forums.

Now I don't feel any difference with the new environment at all cause I got a nice list of softwares to use. My list is as follows:

Adobe Photoshop = GIMP
Adobe Dreamweaver = Quantas
Netbeans = Netbeans for Linux & Eclips
Python = Eclipse Python

Also when hanging around the internet I found a MAC theme for Ubuntu, and installed it. Now I feel like using a MAC. ;)

Anyway no worries any more, no illegitimacy. :)

02 February, 2008

Will Microsoft acquire Yahoo?

Microsoft has offered to buy search engine company Yahoo for $44.6 billion in cash and shares.
Both Microsoft and Yahoo are having a great competitor Google. Google competes Microsoft as a software company, and also competes with Yahoo as a search engine company.
Kevin Johnson at Microsoft said that the combination of the two companies Microsoft and Yahoo will create a better entity to compete with the Google.

"Today the market [for online search and advertising] is increasingly dominated by one player"
Yahoo is loosing its profit since Google emerged to the market.

Yahoo's falling profits
  • Oct to Dec 2007 down 23%
  • July to Sept 2007 down 5%
  • April to June 2007 down 2%
  • Jan to March 2007 down 11%

Yahoo confirmed that the board will evaluate the proposal and pursue the best cause of action to maximum long-term value for shareholders.

Also the competition authorities in the US as well as the European Union would be likely to investigate the tie-up.

LETS SEE what will happen!