04 February, 2008

Started using Ubuntu

This is one of my dreams I had. I could not change myself to Ubuntu (Linux) just because I had to work with Microsoft Softwares and Microsoft Programming languages such as c#.net, vb.net, ASP.net at the University. Always what I thought was it will be really hard to work with Linux.
But at the very beginning of this year I found a part time job at a web development company Intervest. I am working there as a web designer and a developer. I found some nice people there, and some of them wanted to use open source softwares because of the legitimate issues with Microsoft and so on (they have to pay a lot for those softwares). So as I am the designer they encouraged me to learn GIMP and Linux. I chose Ubuntu (7.10 Gutsy)
Though I have used Ubuntu 6.06 earlier I am not very much familiar with it. So had to panic at the very beginning. I had some problems with the graphics card and some networking failures (No I am not using any modem), but managed to find answers quite easily by referring to the Ubuntu forums.

Now I don't feel any difference with the new environment at all cause I got a nice list of softwares to use. My list is as follows:

Adobe Photoshop = GIMP
Adobe Dreamweaver = Quantas
Netbeans = Netbeans for Linux & Eclips
Python = Eclipse Python

Also when hanging around the internet I found a MAC theme for Ubuntu, and installed it. Now I feel like using a MAC. ;)

Anyway no worries any more, no illegitimacy. :)

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