28 March, 2008

What hacking means to me!

Today at the office I had a little chat with one of my friends. We were talking about open source softwares, as I am reputed there as a Linux user and a open source fan and contributor. I told him about the FSF, and some history which sounds really nice and which I could remember a lot, on Richard Stallman's bio, Linus's bio and some more. As we were talking I used the word "Hacking".
Unfortunately hacking is not a familiar word for my friend. But I hope that this is some thing to be worry about. They think that hacking is something related to sadism. But we hackers only know how much trouble we take to develop softwares and to distribute them. This is our passion as hackers. But others think that hacking is something that we do to crack the systems and fulfill our needs in a very fraud manner, and also they believe that hacking is something very illegal.
But they do not consider about the freedom they earn by the contribution of thousands of hackers around the world taking a lot of trouble to come up with the best software systems.
Anyway I explained this to him and after a lot of time I managed to make him feel that hacking is something very useful.

And I found some references for him too...

would like if you all can read them


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