10 July, 2008

A new website is launched

Once I wrote a post about a website known as debts done with Expression Engine. When my boss told me now it is done I felt that I am again a free bird. But I was not lucky enough to enjoy my freedom for more than two days. After two days he said that he needs another adjoining web site done with the same look and feel for the US based debts content. Now I had to get back to the Expression Engine. There is a module for the CMS which can handle multiple websites. But I still cant understand what type of requirement they fulfill. I installed that module and created a duplicate website with all the content and that module gave me a website which I didnt want. Anyway I was intelligent enough to give up trying with that module, and to start working on my own to create the new website from the scratch. Ultimately I was able to come up with a nice website to make my boss happy.

Still I dont feel much good to work on Expression Engine. But as IT Professionals we have to be flexible enough to work with anything.

Anyway have a look at the new website http://debts.org/us/index.php

and if you are from US and if you go to the http://debts.org then you will be automatically redirected to the US content site. I had to hack a little plugin to the CMS to determine the IP ;).

Have a look...

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