24 August, 2008

Feed some fish!!!

My brother has a fish tank at home...
I enjoy feeding them. Hey but they are real ones. I thought you all would like to share my experience too ;). Have a good time with some fish....

20 August, 2008

Working with Drupal

I've got a request to work on a project to a hotel, with Drupal, or Wordpress. As my first choice I chose Drupal. Drupal was one of the CMS programs which was selected to the final rounds of the 2007 Open Source CMS Award Best PHP CMS Finalists. I felt that I must try on with Drupal, though I have heard that it is somewhat complicated and have to do some complex programming too. Anyway I found some interesting books too, would like to share them with you all

I would like to share my experiences with Drupal in future, keep in contact I will write somethings here. Whoops! please give me some time to do that, I am a busy man actually :)

17 August, 2008

First Ever Sinhala Software release

Dear all,

I would like to make this a letter to all the readers of my blog. Yesterday I went to a party, and I was talking with some of my friends. There I heard that some professors from the University of Moratuwa and some others have put a full page advertisement on a well known Sri Lankan Newspaper (Lankadeepa) saying that they have done the first ever Sinhala software. Yes they might have done the first Sinhala firefox translation, but I dont like them saying that they are the first ones who released a Sinhala Translation, as there are so many Sinhala Software projects which are released before the firefox translation.

Also I am a bit discouraged about this as I did the SilverStripe Open CMS sinhala Tranlation with two of my friends which was released on the 22nd of May 2008. But as to the Fedora project Wiki the Firefox Sinhala translation has released on 25th May 2008. So this is not fair saying that they did the first ever Sinhala Translation.

I am going to write to some of the team members about it and I prefer that if they can apologise from me and my friends who did the SilverStripe Translation and as well as from the public for making some false image of them

Lets see what will happen. Anyway I believe that the people who read this post will understand the situation well.

Nivanka Fonseka

14 August, 2008

Found a new forum CMS just to suite my needs

I was searching for a module or a plug in which can enhance my Wordpress installation with a forum. I was searching on the internet and just found the right thing, bbpress
It is so interesting that it can be integrated with a wordpress installation, the administration is a lot simple and also there is no clumsiness which confuse the users. Any wordpress user wont feel he is using some other piece of software, as bbPress is so much like the wordpress, also the creators of bbPress has some influence from the creators of the wordpress.

Anyway I solved my problem with the bbPress and I thought of writing something about it on my blog as it made my life a lot easy :).

Thank you bbPress!!!!