17 August, 2008

First Ever Sinhala Software release

Dear all,

I would like to make this a letter to all the readers of my blog. Yesterday I went to a party, and I was talking with some of my friends. There I heard that some professors from the University of Moratuwa and some others have put a full page advertisement on a well known Sri Lankan Newspaper (Lankadeepa) saying that they have done the first ever Sinhala software. Yes they might have done the first Sinhala firefox translation, but I dont like them saying that they are the first ones who released a Sinhala Translation, as there are so many Sinhala Software projects which are released before the firefox translation.

Also I am a bit discouraged about this as I did the SilverStripe Open CMS sinhala Tranlation with two of my friends which was released on the 22nd of May 2008. But as to the Fedora project Wiki the Firefox Sinhala translation has released on 25th May 2008. So this is not fair saying that they did the first ever Sinhala Translation.

I am going to write to some of the team members about it and I prefer that if they can apologise from me and my friends who did the SilverStripe Translation and as well as from the public for making some false image of them

Lets see what will happen. Anyway I believe that the people who read this post will understand the situation well.

Nivanka Fonseka

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Manju said...

Seems to be this is very Unfair. Nivanka saying that he and his team are the ones who have release the Silver Stripe Sinhala Translation before 3 days Firefox Sinahala Translation released. So if the persons who has published that Advertisement saying that first ever Sinhala Translated software is Firefox have to prove it or apologies from Nivanka and his Team.