20 August, 2008

Working with Drupal

I've got a request to work on a project to a hotel, with Drupal, or Wordpress. As my first choice I chose Drupal. Drupal was one of the CMS programs which was selected to the final rounds of the 2007 Open Source CMS Award Best PHP CMS Finalists. I felt that I must try on with Drupal, though I have heard that it is somewhat complicated and have to do some complex programming too. Anyway I found some interesting books too, would like to share them with you all

I would like to share my experiences with Drupal in future, keep in contact I will write somethings here. Whoops! please give me some time to do that, I am a busy man actually :)


cmstester said...

Have you done any work with it yet? I find drupal to be fairly good but personally prefer wordpress.

Nivanka said...

Yes I have done some works with it.
I prefer wordpress too, but my idea is drupal is much better for larger projects. Also I use SilverStripe. which is a very sophisticated CMS.