26 September, 2008

eew! 8 widgets for SilverStripe

This post is just to mention my recent Open Source Contributions. I use the SilverStripe Open Source CMS most of the time to work out my projects. I love the features there and the structure of it. I thought of spending some time with contributing to the cms and the community around it, with widgets and themes.
Finally I ended up with 8 widgets and 2 themes which were designed my me (I think all of you know about my template portal).

I will keep this up, so just write your ideas on my blog, so then I can put them to php codes.

BTW my little business whynotonline.com completed two projects successfully this month I used SilverStripe for them too, you can screen those two websites by visiting my profile at SilverStripe or the portfolio at whynotonline.com.

12 September, 2008

A new website with SilverStripe

Today 12th September 2008 I finished working on a media centre website at my office. I had a good time with it :) as I got permission to use my favorite CMS SilverStripe for that.

The website is http://staysure.co.uk/mediacentre/ have a look, You will feel that SilverStripe can cater most of your website needs after looking at it.

The most important thing it that I found some good hacks for the TinyMCE editor that they have used there.

1) I needed to add javascripts to some of the pages.
2) I needed to take off validating html on the TinyMCE but the SilverStripe editor doesn't allow me to do it.

For these two things what I did was to hang around the javascript which controls the TinyMCE.


In that file you can find some useful things.
1) the html tags which are allowed in the editor that can be controlled by the directive valid_elements which you can find at the line 43.

2) Validating HTML can be disabled with the verify_html directive at line 42 there.

I thought that these tips will be useful for you.

Give a try ;).

01 September, 2008

Open Source CMS awards 2008

Packt Publishing announced the Open Source awards for the year 2008.


I am really glad that most of the CMS softwares I use for my development has made it to the finals, and specially Silverstripe.

Lets help them to be on the top three...