26 September, 2008

eew! 8 widgets for SilverStripe

This post is just to mention my recent Open Source Contributions. I use the SilverStripe Open Source CMS most of the time to work out my projects. I love the features there and the structure of it. I thought of spending some time with contributing to the cms and the community around it, with widgets and themes.
Finally I ended up with 8 widgets and 2 themes which were designed my me (I think all of you know about my template portal).

I will keep this up, so just write your ideas on my blog, so then I can put them to php codes.

BTW my little business whynotonline.com completed two projects successfully this month I used SilverStripe for them too, you can screen those two websites by visiting my profile at SilverStripe or the portfolio at whynotonline.com.

1 comment:

himali said...

your widgets are really nice. I love them & your works.......!