17 November, 2008

Tribute to the Sri Lankan heroes

This week started from the 15th of November is declared as the "Ranaviru Upahara Week" as to express our gratitude towards the troops of the Sri Lankan Military forces.

They have been making a lot of sacrifices to save our motherland from the terrorists. They won a very important milestone by liberating Pooneryn, which is considered as a key strategic point.

Lets honor them for all their sacrifices to save all of us.

16 November, 2008

Installing Ruby on Rails on WAMP

Okay you want to install RoR huh!

Just follow the steps below, I believe that you have WAMP on your computer, if not please install that first.

  1. Donwload and install Ruby
  2. Stop your wamp servers and then install Ruby on Rails with this command 'gem install rails –include-dependencies'
  3. Then create a folder where you want to keep your RoR projects in my case it is just 'ruby'
  4. Create a rails project with the following command 'rails myfirstror'
  5. Add this to your Servers httpd.conf
    Alias /myfirstror/ "c:/wamp/ruby/myfirstror/public/"
    Options ExecCGI FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride all
    Allow from all
    Order allow,deny
  6. Start your wamp server and access your RoR project with the relevant URL in my case

Web Design Brotheren

I have been into the web design / development market from the year 2005. For these last three years I have completed a lot of stuff related to the web, and have had a lot of experience too. But most importantly I have made a lot of contacts.

Now my plan is to create a website for that and to maintain some sort of a relation ship. This will help all of us to get more and more projects too.

So as I said the web design brotheren page will come soon on whynotonline.com

Look forward to that.

15 November, 2008

Bilingual Module

I was told to work on a bilingual website,

This is my first experience too, So what I did is just to start on a silverstripe module. This is working all good now. And the client is happy too, with this module any one can build bilingual websites easily, simply you have to insert the content in both languages you use.

This I did for a project which I got for whynotonline.com. My colleagues there wanted me to publish it free so you all can use it. Get it here

07 November, 2008

A nerdy look!

I played with some photoshop yesterday, to make my picture look more nerdy, not for any reason but just to have some fun.

Here it is

06 November, 2008

Congratulations Obama!

I couldn't write this message on the 4th, anyway here I am congratulating the first ever African-American president Barack Obama.

You have won a historical election!

I believe that the "CHANGE WILL HAPPEN"

04 November, 2008

Three themes in a row

Wow three themes I designed and coded are published on the SilverStripe website.

I think it wont make you surprise if I tell you that I am a designer. Yes! I do web designing, graphic designing, etc.. And I am the main contributor to the free template portal at whynotonline.com too. During my leisure times I make my HTML / CSS for the psd designs I do. Also I dont stop there I just make them to work with open source CMSs such as SilverStripe, Wordpress, etc.

This time I am so glad that four of my themes are there on the SilverStripe website.
Give a try you will be able to make use of them.

Have a good time!