08 December, 2008

IE Hacks!

I hate IE!

yes I do, I guess that there wont be a single web designer who doesn't.

I have been working as a web developer for the last 4 years, and I would say that all of the time IE has been my nemesis. I had to write separate CSS for IE all the time, but as I got to know about the CSS hacks two years back, I found it easy to use them. They are pretty nice little code snippets which only affect on the web page if it is only being rendered in IE.

I thought of posting two friendly websites, where I read a lot about these CSS Hacks.

Find them bellow this page.

Still I don't feel any good about IE, in my world it is just some crappy software which doesnt know how to render a simple HTML. Anyway this is our fate! most of the people still use IE, so we have to make our websites ready for IE too, I am concerned about these hacks and all, because of the prefixed reason.

Even the new google browser Chrome is 1000 times better than IE, anyway as we designers doesnt have any other choice lets pray, people will use browsers except IE then we can forget about this crap :)


1 comment:

Kishantha said...

This is an issue any designer will suffer as you said. The only thing we can do is sniff into smart hacks and tips which will enable to get the pages compatible to many browsers as possible.

Thanks for the links which has tips for IE hacks.