24 January, 2009

Official Documentation for the Calendar Module

Today I wrote some documentation for the SilverStripe Calendar Module. It is a nice experience for me as this is the first time I am writing something like this. Click here to read through the documentation.

Also still the module is open for translations, and I'd love to see your willingness to translate the module, wish that I will get a lot of help for this :).

21 January, 2009

Internationalization the silverstripe calendar module

Yesterday night (22.01.2009), I managed to integrate i18n to the calendar module.

i18n are means of adapting computer software to different languages with out any software engineering. This is added to the module with reference to the implementation of the SilverStripe Open Source CMS.

The module is now working well for English and Sinhala ( Click here to see the Sinhala enabled site ). So I would love to hear for any contributions for translating the module to more and more languages.

I believe this is a nice project, where you can have calendars in your own language. If you feel like to contribute as a translator check the following words and translate them, and email me fonsekaean@gmail.com . I'd love to hear from you ;)





17 January, 2009

Calendar Module for SilverStripe

This post is about some recent open source stuff I did. I am a fan of SilverStripe for about two years. After setting up my own IT company I did a lot of projects with the use of SilverStripe, for those I had to write new modules, widgets, and themes to customize the CMS.

From the first day I start working with SilverStripe I started to contribute them, mainly with Widgets, but after setting up the free template portal of whynotonline.com I managed to contribute with some themes. Now on the (15th January) I managed to get approved my first module which is named as Calendar. Now it is listed on the SilverStripe Official Module Directory. I have been dreaming about this occasion, to do a good module, and to get the approval is not something easy, you have to make a lot of sacrifices for that, just like cutting down your sleep, working extra hours, reading about technologies, inventing algorithms, etc. Anyway I am really happy with what I have achieved.

Also I found a new project from whynotonline.com, which is an implementation of the Calendar Module, and that has gone live now too. Sometimes rather than reading documentations and user manuals, it is better to see a real world implementation of a software. If you think that same click here to see the website.

Also I want to thank my best friend also one of my batch mates at the university Lakshan in this occasion, he is the one who introduced me to the SilverStripe Open Source CMS, it was on somewhere in the beginning of 2007. He is my first open source guru, as friend he has been helping me a lot.

And then Dasun, my business partner, good friend. I started the whynotonline.com with Dasun, he has been an interesting character at the university. He always helps me with work. Many thanks Dasun.

So at last I would love to invite you to use my module, and join to club! :)

03 January, 2009

Seizing Kilinochchi

Our military forces managed to seize the LTTE HQ Kilinochchi yesterday (2nd Jan 2009).  The military forces have been making a lot of effort to destroy terrorism from Sri Lanka, and establish democracy.  

Kilinochchi has been acquired and ruled by the LTTE for the last decade, and it is know as the HQ of them too. This victory is really important in destroying terrorism, now LTTE rules only Mulathive, Lets wish our soldiers, officers ,our president, and all to achieve the vistory over the LTTE.

And all I owe my gratitude to our heroes

02 January, 2009

Template site redesigned

Our template portal didnt have a nice look, and feel. What I believe is that a good design is not only a good looking one, but a website which is very much user friendly. This idea was established at whynotonline.com too. So as to make real good designs I was asked to redesign the two websites that whynotonline.com has.

Now this was not an easy task for me to design a good desing, it should look nice, user friendly, and lots of stuff to keep in mind. Okay at last I came up with a design to the whynotonline.com main website which got real good comments.

Yesterday I have being working late hours on the templates website too, which is newly designed and which is now really user friendly. It would be nice to make your comments about that.

http://templates.whynotonline.com Click on the link to visit the site.