02 January, 2009

Template site redesigned

Our template portal didnt have a nice look, and feel. What I believe is that a good design is not only a good looking one, but a website which is very much user friendly. This idea was established at whynotonline.com too. So as to make real good designs I was asked to redesign the two websites that whynotonline.com has.

Now this was not an easy task for me to design a good desing, it should look nice, user friendly, and lots of stuff to keep in mind. Okay at last I came up with a design to the whynotonline.com main website which got real good comments.

Yesterday I have being working late hours on the templates website too, which is newly designed and which is now really user friendly. It would be nice to make your comments about that.

http://templates.whynotonline.com Click on the link to visit the site.

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