28 February, 2009

Got my new baby!!!!

Hi friends,

I got my new laptop yesterday, it an Acer Extensa 5630z, and has included some good configurations. I was in a hurry to buy one, before I spent all the money in my pocket. So yesterday evening after the office I went to the Unity Plaza, at Bambalapitiya and got it.

Its cool, includes Intel Core2 Duo Processor, 2 GB DDR2, 320 GB HDD, DVD Super Multi DL, Bluetooth, Webcam, and some other cool features. So yesterday was a busy day for me, had to find an OS for the laptop, and had to install all the softwares which I need to carry on my work. So I went through my CD pack to find an Ubuntu CD, (yeah I use ubuntu, I dont want to spend any money to buy windows) but found only a 7.10, which doesnt have the drivers for the VGA, and hard times began, the installation never proceeded. Because of this, I just started downloading the new Ubuntu Ibex (8.10). Wow it blindly worked at last. Okay then the first I will do with a new computer is to test its sounds, as I am used to listen to music whenever I work. And I felt wow again, the sounds are really good, and the headphone made me deff.

This is how it went yesterday. Until today morning I am up installing many softwares to the system. Apache, Php5, MySQL, FileZilla, are the mostly used ones.

Now enjoying the internet with my new baby, also just to let you know I am writing this with my new laptop too ;)

20 February, 2009

I did sing a song

All of you might think what is this post about a song, as when ever you come to my blog you find some technical stuff. Okay now I'd say that this is something about my life. Today I sang a song with two of my colleagues at the office. It was a nice time, I could play some guitar, but I haven't done any recordings. Anyway this time I sang a song. Find it below

To mention something about my friends, the one with the guitar is Kishantha (A software engineer at the office) and the one with a drum is Manju also my manager, and its me out there on the right hand side singing :) The song is originally sung by Priya Sooriyasena, a Sri Lankan mucisian.

19 February, 2009

Have you tried to merge your twitter account with your SilverStripe website

Have you tried that? If you have you might have definitely used the Twitter Status Widget which can downloaded from the SilverStripe.org. Now that is something cool you can add your recent Twitter status messages on any web page of your SilverStripe website. So whats about this post anyway? Ah yeah I forgot I was just talking nothing, okay this is what I need to tell anyway,

I developed a twitter module for SilverStripe Open Source CMS which is still in its development and testing age, you can find the a demo of it if you follow this link. Now let me explain a little about the module till I write a proper user manual and a documentation.

This module helps you to add your twitter messages on your website, you can embed your firends messages (just what you see when you go to your twitter home page), the public status messages to the website, as well as your Followers.

How will this help me? okay if you havent heard anything about twitter or twitter on your website, I'd ask you to have a look at http://twitter.com. For me it is a place where I can build a nice community, and to get myself introduced to a lot of people. So all this I can find on twitter, but not on my own site. What I am trying to achieve with the Twitter module is that to display what we talk on my SilverStripe website, it can be about business, arts, music anything I believe.

Have a look, I'd also like to hear your ideas about this new addition to SilverStripe. Welcome make your comments here.

12 February, 2009

Calendar module translation goes well

Today I received the fifth translation of the Calendar Module. I though of writing this to thank all those who contributed by translating.

pmnordkvist - Swedish translation
petsta - German translation
Jurgen Jessurun - Dutch translation

Many thanks for the good job.

Also I am really open to hear about your ideas about the module, feel free to make your comments on my blog or just drop me an email. Also download the latest build from the demo site of the Calendar module.