28 February, 2009

Got my new baby!!!!

Hi friends,

I got my new laptop yesterday, it an Acer Extensa 5630z, and has included some good configurations. I was in a hurry to buy one, before I spent all the money in my pocket. So yesterday evening after the office I went to the Unity Plaza, at Bambalapitiya and got it.

Its cool, includes Intel Core2 Duo Processor, 2 GB DDR2, 320 GB HDD, DVD Super Multi DL, Bluetooth, Webcam, and some other cool features. So yesterday was a busy day for me, had to find an OS for the laptop, and had to install all the softwares which I need to carry on my work. So I went through my CD pack to find an Ubuntu CD, (yeah I use ubuntu, I dont want to spend any money to buy windows) but found only a 7.10, which doesnt have the drivers for the VGA, and hard times began, the installation never proceeded. Because of this, I just started downloading the new Ubuntu Ibex (8.10). Wow it blindly worked at last. Okay then the first I will do with a new computer is to test its sounds, as I am used to listen to music whenever I work. And I felt wow again, the sounds are really good, and the headphone made me deff.

This is how it went yesterday. Until today morning I am up installing many softwares to the system. Apache, Php5, MySQL, FileZilla, are the mostly used ones.

Now enjoying the internet with my new baby, also just to let you know I am writing this with my new laptop too ;)

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