13 March, 2009

Calendar Module relaunched as the Diary Module

After releasing the Calendar module for SilverStripe, we (me and the team at SilverStripe) discovered that naming the module as "Calendar Module" creates some naming conflicts, with another module which is coded by someone else.

So as to avoid the conflicts my module is released as the Diary Module, and if you click on the name you will be able to go to the official SilverStripe page of the module where you will be able to learn a lot about it. And I am really impressed that the module is listed under the supported list (http://www.silverstripe.org/modules).

I will be talking to my partners at whynotonline.com and will arrange a new demo site where you will have a nice URL, most probably http://open.whynotonline.com/ will be that ;)


Varberg said...


I am trying to incorporate your diary module into a website but I'm having a problem with the Previous/Next links on the calendar widget.

I posted on the Silverstripe forum
here, but have not had any results.

Can you help me, please?

Nivanka said...

it seems like a little bug which fires on your server, it is WAMP I think.

anyway to prevent it replace the line number 320 with the following.

Session::set("CalMonth",(int)$_GET['month']);check whether it works this way.

Varberg said...

It worked, thank you.

I think it's a great module. Are you proposing to do any further amendments or updates?

Nivanka said...

Thanks for the very positive comment, I will be maintaining the module as far as I can. If you have any ideas, which I can include to the next release you are always welcomed to write them here.

Varberg said...

When I enter an event that is only for one day it comes up as

17/04/2009 till It would be nicer if the "till" didn't appear if you don't enter an Ending Day, and maybe the text "one day only" shows.

Varberg said...

Another thing I think might make the layout better is for the day height to be smaller if there is no event.

Varberg said...

Hi Again,

I'm trying to use Swedish as the language for the Diary module. I see there is an sw_SW.php file. I asume that I have to alter this by removing the // before the lines. Do I have to alter any other files?

Also the week should start on Monday instead of Sunday.

Finally I want to change the mm/dd/yyyy to yyyy/mm/dd.

I'll post the solution on the Silverstripe forum.

Nivanka said...

Hi Varberg,

I am busy a lot these days, but I will get a chance to look in to your issues late this week. I will definitely put my head in to the ideas you have mentioned. Thanks for your comments.

Nivanka said...

Also i forgot to mention about my company, whynotonline.com (http://whynotonline.com). We provide paid support there, if you are keen you are welcome to our website.