02 March, 2009

What the hell has happened to this blog?

Hey you might think so, yes I blacked out my blog, just to express my anger towards the grotesque attack to the Sri Lanka Cricket Team, at Pakistan. It was ruined as I did black out it, and now I have just replaced the blog's layout as I didnt want to make this hard to read ;).


What I feel is this is done by some terrorists, and the attack means that every terrorist organization hates our country. So, there are somethings to understand anyway, as a whole all the terrorists are just in the same bunch. And this is a time, that our military forceses are kicking the asses of the LTTE (terrorists again). So I believe that no other terrorist, can stand this out. This is well expressed on this attack where terrorists, show their grotesque nudity to the whole world.

I as an innocent Sri Lankan citizen, pray for gods, that our cricketers will be in good health soon, and wish to see them on the playgrounds with their kicking performances.

Also I am somewhat keen to see what the media's such as CNN, BBC will act on this.

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