10 April, 2009

An editor which make me happy

I am using Ubuntu for sometime now, but still I was feeling a bit unhappy about the editors I had to use for PHP, HTML, CSS editing. Before using ubuntu I used MS Windows, but it felt that I have to say goodbye to windows, after the launch of Windows Vista. To be frank at that moment I couldn't spend money for a high performing computer. So what I did is that I though of using Ubuntu. Ubuntu has been serving me for about two years now. And I dont have any complaint towards Ubuntu.

But there was one thing I really missed when using Ubuntu, it was Adobe Dreamweaver, I used Adobe products including Adobe Dreamweaver for all sorts of web development. I could use it on Wine; but I was not that interested in that, because I didnt like the userinterface which I got, and there were some performance issues.

I tried a few editors, actually I am not that much interested to use IDEs. For me what I think is that IDEs are good for a person who is having a super fast computer. I used Quanta Plus, I was a bit happy about it. But again with time I used gEdit. Which is the defalult editor for Ubuntu. It is a very simple editor. But I had to spend some more time to keep my codes clean and tidy, with indentations and all.

Anyway now I have found an editor which suites me a lot, and which can serve all my needs. It is Komodo Edit. it has a lot of features including,
  • Multilanguage support
  • Code folding
  • Code reuse
  • Multi document editing
  • Syntax coloring
  • Syntax checking
Alone with these features, I am really happy to use it for my developments.

Before writing this post I did a lot of searches on google to find out what is the best, and what other developers feel about different editors. Now I thought that I must write something about my favorite editor, so that others can try it.

Good luck!

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