08 April, 2009

More into Open Source

The Sinhala and Hindu New year is close by, I got leave from the 9th April to 20th April. This is going to be some good time for me, to take my head off from the office, and the stuff I do at whynotonline.com, and I can head into some more open source related work. I have several things in mind, I wrote a proposal to the GSoC 2009, its for WordPress, to make a new versioning system for templates. But still I am waiting for the results, they have to approve it anyway. And my other plan is to work on a new module for SilverStripe Open Source CMS, which enables to provide booking facilities. This can be a very highly useful one, as my wish is to make this useful for Hotels, Cabs, etc., etc.

With these plans in mind I will be writing down my sketches about the booking module, as well as I am planning to read about various versioning systems, such as SVN, CVS, and GIT (which I use at whynotonline.com) for help my GSoC application.

Wow at last, when I take a look at my plans, all my 10 days are packed up. I will be going home, which is in the upcountry Sri Lanka, (on the mountains ;) ) and spend some time with my mom, dad, brother, and sister. Hope to finish most of the work possible from home anyway.

Also with all these heaps of work I will be spending sometime with my girl too, to please her.

Wish you a very happy and peaceful new year!!!!

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