12 April, 2009

we opened a new website for open source

On the very first post I wrote about the twitter module on my blog here, I mentioned that the team at whynotonline.com including me; are planning to open up a new website for the open source contributions we do. As I mentioned we agreed to use the URL http://open.whynotonline.com for the website.

I did the designing and the coding for the website, and Dasun my best friend and my business partner filled the website with content. As being the owners of the company we had to do some extra work on the website and had to be awakened for a couple of nights.

The goal of the website is that to make people more passionate on open source software. Open source has been helping whynotonline.com to be successful in business, we spend 20% of our time in open source developments. Though whynotonline.com is new to the web development business (10 months) it has done a lot, and has managed to build a huge client base which includes clients from all around the world. My thought is that such a website will help the developers at whynotonline.com to build up good profiles individually, as well as the company will benefit from it too.

At last the website is for you all, and we will be really happy to see more and more traffic to the website. Have a look http://open.whynotonline.com

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