22 May, 2009

Two JQuery Plugins

The last few weeks I have been snowed under a lot of interesting work. Mostly I got a chance to work with a nice server, which is a dedicated and having Free BSD Installed. Also I was working hard on an online app which works on top of jQuery and SilverStripe. So I have been doing a lot of jQuery related stuff to make my app to work handy, and efficiently.

Also I had some good time with coding up two little plugins to jQuery as well. One is a plugin which enables you to do bulk uploading and the other one is for styling HTML Select boxes. Below you will find a little description about the new plugins.

Bulk uploader for jQuery

With this plugin you can make your HTML to accept multiple files using one file input. The plugin automatically maintains a list which allows the users to arrange their uploads.
You can see the demo of the plugin follow this link http://open.whynotonline.com/bulkuploader/index.html

Select Decorator for jQuery

This is the next plugin, while I was working on my app, I had to style some select boxes / html drop downs. I found some plugins which acts as select boxes but not really select boxes. I couldn't use and lists as I needed to handle the change event of the select box. So I had to code up my own plugin to style select options. To see a working demo and a download like for this one please follow this like, http://open.whynotonline.com/select_decorator/index.html.
Still its a pitty that this plugin works on any browser except Internet Explorer. I still couldnt find a solution for that, sometimes readers of this post might have, if so please share.

I wish that the two plugins will make your life easier as web developer.