24 June, 2009

Image Transitions

Do you think this is flash? My answer is no it is not. It is pure javascript, and css.

So that's true, the animation on the top is not a flash movie, but a javascript. Okay enough talking, this is the newest javascript extension I did for the jQuery Javascript library. You can use this to make transitions like above on your websites, also using any number of images. It is light weight, normally compared to other libraries jQuery is light weight. As this plugin runs on jquery and it is built not to be much complex it is pretty light weight and will not make your browser stuck on a point. :D

So just a note, this is my 3rd plugin which I am publishing for the jQuery community, also my 18th open source plugin. (i am not sure where I will end, started with SilverStripe Open Source CMS. lol!)

Talking about this one, it is a ready made extension for you to download and plug to your website. View the documentation page for more information http://open.whynotonline.com/simple-transitions/index.html you'll see more transitions there, I have some ideas to implement more to this. The web page which is mentioned above contains the link to download the plugin, and there is a little documentation at the very bottom of the page.

Check it out.


Shilpa Garg said...

Wow! This sure looks cool. Will take the assistance from this post when I collate few good pics to appear on my blog!
Thanks and great going!

Nivanka said...

I am not sure that you will be able to run Javascripts on your blogger blog. What I have done here is to make this available on the web page, to add an iframe, and import the animation from another server. Anyway good to try that :)