08 June, 2009

Suggestion Field Module for SilverStripe

This post is about a new module which I coded up. I named the module as Suggestion Field (I dont know how relevant it is, usually I am stupid in naming stuff.). Anyway the reason I named it is that this module provides you with a text area which fetch some helpful suggestions when you start typing inside it.

The module can be used as two ways, one is to make a search box, which provides some suggestions with links pointed to the working URLs, (if you have used SilverStripe doc, you might have seen this).

The other one is to use it as a normal text field, when you click on a suggestion it will automatically fill your input box.

Anyway if this is not clear for you please see the demo here http://open.whynotonline.com/suggestion-field/

Hope this will be a useful plugin, I will be writing some documentation for this soon, and will post this to the SilverStripe website as well, yet you can download it from the whynotonline.com open source portal. If you go here you will find the file which you can download http://open.whynotonline.com/suggestion-form-field/

Please let me hear your views about this new module.

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