21 August, 2009

0.0.3 version of the Select Decorator plugin

I did some new modifications to the select decorator plugin. The plugin had a problem in the 0.0.2 release which is when you add two drop downs on the same web page the plugin didnt open the respective drop downs menu but the last drop down in the page. This was a serious problem, and with this new version I solved it. So you can make use of the plugin. Also this supports all the cross browsers including FF, IE 8, IE 7, IE 6, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera.

The new version of the plugin accepts a new JSON object as the argument, which has a property called onChange. Yes you might have got what it is for, its for the onchange event of the dropdown. You can have that included there either now, which makes if more useful.

If you see the new demo of the plugin you will find that there are two dropdowns there and which are different on styles, and the first on which is blue in color has its own onchange event call.

See the demo for more information about setting up the plugin and using it.