03 October, 2009

Two new open source plugins

Hi, I could not write anything on my blog during the last month. Some huge projects kept me away from my blog, open source stuff, etc. But I could do some little things which turned out to plugins of jQuery and SilverStripe.

1. DPSPostPayment plugin for SilverStripe - click to see

This is a new plugin which I did with the help of Natalie Wright. She took part in giving me information and guiding me to do this. This plugin will be very useful for the owners of the e-commerce websites, who dont like to spend much on SSL certificates, as DPSPost works outside your website. It only redirects the client to the DPSPost website which accept the credit card details and process the payment, somewhat similar to the paypal. You can download this plugin from the open.whynotonline.com website.

2. Progressbar - click to see

This is a handy plugin which can serve you as a progress bar. I suggest this will be really useful for Ajax based websites. To indicate the uploading / downloading progress. The progressbar is programmed to be much customizable.

I did some examples on the same website. See it

The plugin is available to download here.

I welcome you all to use the plugins.