16 November, 2009

Suggestion Field on SilverStripe website

Today morning when I was checking my emails I found that the Suggestion field is approved by the SilverStripe team to be listed as a module on the SilverStripe website. Really joyed about that, a good way to start the day too.

The module is here on this page http://silverstripe.org/suggestions-field-module/

I will be writing some documentation for the module later today on the SilverStripe docs. Also have some plans to release a new version of the module too, with some more enhancements etc.

have a look.

09 November, 2009

Using commas in your SilverStripe templates.

I just had this problem when formatting dates of the SilverStripe Blog module on a new website project. Its true that you can do this by $Date.Format(d-m-Y) type of syntax. But what I needed was to add a comma to the date so the date was supposed to read like 09 November, 2009. To get this on the pages I had to use $Date.Format(d F, Y) type of thing. But unfortunately the SilverStripe's template parser doesn't allow commas.

There was a patch but I was running out of time, and didnt have much time to go through them. So as a quick fix I added the HTML escape character of the comma to the argument which is ,. Now this worked for me.

My code was

$Date.Format(d F, Y)

Check it out, it can be useful for you to work with SilverStripe Dates.

03 November, 2009

Styling the Ubuntu desktop

I did some thing cool to my Ubuntu. Have a look, it is somewhat close a Mac, and to Windows vista. For me there is no doubt the interface of Mac and Windows Vista is sensational.

What I did was this. i got a theme from the Bisigi project; the one i have used is the tropical theme which is listed there.
And after selecting followed the instructions on their website, which ran smoothly on my setting (I have Ubuntu 8.10 Ibex). The instructions are on this page. You might need to update your sources for this, dont worry it is too mentioned on the page, and instructions to do it. I am not going to repeat them over my blog :).

Now after installing you might have to select the theme you installed.

for that go to System >> Preferences >>Appearance in the new window you will find the new themes you have installed.

Now when you select it the look and feel of your desktop will change. But note I have a Mac style navigator on the bottom of my screen.

This is done with the Avant Window Navigator (AWN). Follow the instructions below to install it.

  1. Go to System >> Preferences >> Appearance and to the Visual Effects tab. Then select Extra option there, and close.
  2. Go to System >> Administration >> Software Sources, in that go to the Updates tab. See my setting in the following image.

  3. With the following code you can install the AWN.
  4. Then find it on the Applications >> Accessories and switch it on.
  5. Remove the default tool bar on the desktop.
  6. Add the AWN to your start up list.
Now you will have a pretty desktop with a AWN and with pretty theming, icons, and all. Customize the AWN as you need, it contains a lot of effects which can make it more pleasant.