28 December, 2009

My views over General Sarath Fonseka

I am not a blogger who blogs about politics from the start of my blogging, yet as what I have been reading, seeing on the internet + television I thought I have to simply write something about what I feel.

So now a days Sri Lanka, is going to choose a new president for a period of 6 years, from 2010.
There are two main candidates, current president Mahinda Rajapaksha, and Former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka. I thought of writing this post as I lost my confidence in General SF, with regard to what he talk.

He is raising a few things which makes a criminal in front of me. Let me list them out.

1. Former President CBK, and Defense Minister Ratwatte is much more better than President Mahinda, and Gotabhaya.
2. His statement which he made to the sunday Leader.
3. Again his statement at Ratnapura.
4. His promise to increase government workers salaries in 10, 000 Rupees.
5. His talk with Kingsly at Sirasa TV.

Okay let me go through these points,

1, my opinion about the first one is that it is true in CBK's time SL Army got lots of new weapons compared to the current president's time. Yet did they win the war! No it was a failure as a whole, as I know (what I have seen on news) in the first few years army achieved so many victories, operations like JayaSikuru, Riwirasa brought great damage to the LTTE. Yet they couldn't finish the war simply. And there was quite a huge buzz around the country saying that some of the military plans have been sold to the LTTE, etc, etc. And the Sri Lanka government sold a lot of money laundering institutions / organizations which were fully owned by the government (Air Lanka, Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation, etc.). And I don't think anyone would say president CBK's time is a good one, everyone needed some change and that's why Ranil became the prime minister though he didn't have a good name at all.
If we compare the current situation, during the past four years SL government occupied SL insurance corporation, Sri Lankan air lines, and most importantly the nation won the battle against the most brutal terrorist organization LTTE.
I am not singing praises for president Mahinda or Gotabhaya, lets say they didn't do anything at all. But my question for General is that how the hell CBK and Ratwatte can be better than Gota or Mahinda? I have an answer which I believe is true, General sing praises for CBK and Ratwatte as CBK is using the voice of her to help General. This is totally unacceptable.

2 & 3. Sunday leader reported some statement about Gotabhaya ordering the army (affective on the 58th division, Brig. Shawendra Silva - at that time) to kill the LTTE leaders whoever come to surrender with holding white flags or using some other means. Today I read an article on this website saying that the Editor of the Sunday Leader newspaper with the GOV are planning to issue a distorted version of a audio clip to prove General did such a statement. I am not going to talk about that incident. He is said no, he has been misquoted. OKAY we trust you. Now General go to Ratnapura and say a similar thing, he 100% proves that's his decision to reveal such a thing, though it is justifiable or not, but accepted by the nation. So I think he didn't betray Gota or Mahinda alone, but the wish or the whole nation.
As a true Sri Lankan if or if not Gota gave such an order to kill the LTTE leaders, I love what happened. If I could I will join the army to kill them. (I don't know what others think, but I think this is the love towards the country). If someone give an order like this I will not reveal it in any case. Lets see we keep secrets for our friends, family, etc. Do we reveal them if we are having some bad blood. This is very amateurish. Can't believe being a former General he could do this. And my question for General is that why do you reveal such things targeting a presidential election? this is not election campaigning, for me this is like revealing you have a brain filled up with SHIT.
Also, General you could go to courts and had time for that against Gotabhaya to seek justice about but why dont you do something like that to prove you didn't said such a thing.

4. This is for me a joke, Ranil was very popular for a statement which is about bracelets and gold chains. This sounds the same. Though he plans to limit the number of ministers to 35, and save some money which are used as commissions can he pay the whole lot of GOV workers 10,000 more.
Working for a BOI company which is in the IT industry I know that they come to Sri Lanka passing India as well, is because of the low cost. So General say that he is going to raise salaries of private sector employees too. I wish this wont happen, as our investors will go to somewhere else as they are going to miss their key benefits (General you have to know, Salaries are not what we take home, but EPF, ETF, Tax have to be included too). It is too simple to make such statements, yet the fact is that they expose that General doesn't have any sense of what he is talking about.

5. This is again I never want in my country. He has no plan which is to raise the country. He just blames presidents Mahina Chinthanaya, and he narrate statements made by someone else.
And he clearly said he is in this election as a candidate, because he is not treated well and he hates the way Gota and Mahinda work. This cannot be the starting point for such an intention. If he really need to serve the motherland he has to have such an ambition from the very first secod he was born, he said he was drived to take part as he is not treated well.
Lets think a little other way round. What will happen is the government presented him with a large plot of land, some better position, 600 troupe of army soldiers as his care takers, some women soldiers (i dont know for what), a house, vehicles, and hmmm what else, yes approved to close the roads when he travels, etc etc etc etc.

I got these intentions not being influenced by the current President nor by Gotabhaya. Yet I got them by listening to the things what have been happening in the past few days.

Anyway I wish you wont fill my blog with spam about General SF.

It has been quite a pain these days, the General Spamming :)

Think of this a little.

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Manju said...

Yes I agreed with your comments specially

"If I could I will join the army to kill them. (I dont know what others think, but I think this is the love towards the country)."

Great will hope every sri lankan's will on this way.

Manju Wijayarathna

Anonymous said...

About JayaSikuru, Riwirasa,

They have caused lots of brave soldiers just to go few kilometers, when we achieved their hideouts we didn't have backup. These missions were not well planned. I would say. But the victory was a great achievement of SF I would say. Great planning like what Janaka Perera used to do with LTTE. Few soldiers are lost in battles compared to damage.

Not about his personal Political views. It was him who made this war victorious. MR has given the political support. War tactics makes a war victorious. I would say SF has personal hard feelings against GR. But still he is a great war hero. And to me he is better than MR considering the fact what GR behaved against JP (Janaka Perera) when he came to politics being SF and JP are both UNP and good friends from past as I got to know. It could have been the reason why SF is this much angry with Gota

Nivanka said...


I know about those, JP might be loving the country, yet dont you think he is in the wrong party. We all know what happened in Ranil's time, and how much damaged he caused, even SF said that in his interviews.

Also Sarath N Silva,he wanted all the checkpoints to be removed, Jayraj was the man behind irritating the decisions and who prevent the checkpoint being removed.

Sarath F. is a hero, yet I think he is much more important to hold the commander position as he was the senior.

think if Shavendra, or someone else got this position, not even a corporal will listen to his orders. its not because SF is the only hero, but because he is much senior.

Anonymous said...

I can agree with you on most about Fonseka but I would like some clarification on some other things you have mentioned which have become very popular arguments today.

//during the past four years SL government occupied SL insurance corporation, Sri Lankan air lines

SL insurance was ordered to be taken over to the government by a SUPREME COURT ORDER. It has nothing to do with government policies.

Sri Lankan Air lines was taken back by the government. That is true. But the company that was making a profit at that is now incurring a loss of 10 billion after the government acquisition. Taking back is very easy, only a gazette notification is required for that but good management is the achievement. Along with Mihin Air Government controlled Air Lines are consuming closer to 13 billion while we only spend about 25 billion for our much boasted free education. Can you please explain me on how taking profit making institutions back into the government and making those into losses is in fact an achievement?, because government's explanations doesn't make any sense to me. Tell me why I should pay taxes so those who have time and money can go on foreign trips and the government can give away jobs to those who are closer to them.

On CBK, it is unfair to tell nothing happened in her time. It is like saying Mahinda did nothing to win the war. CBK actually established law and order back in the society to some extent and I am telling from first hand experiences that there are some families that managed to stand on their own because of CBK governments salary increases.

Anyway thanks for the insights.

Nivanka said...

Hi Kasun,

I know, Sri Lanka didnt have any good leader like Mahathma Gandhi or someone for a long time. I think after 1948 we didnt have any. All are corrupted, and they do various things. Mihin air is something which is recently done, and no use. But think man, for all these three decades we spend taxes and all to fight for this war. But no one raised any questions about it. I dont think we will be able to find a pure good leader for sometime, and I believe General cannot fit there anyway.

And I have not said that Mahinda is all good. The thing is that we cant afford to have tests on this occasion, as ultimately we are appointing a leader, who represents our country.

On the other hand we have Mahinda, still not a pure good one, but if we put them in a balance which can measure the potential to be the next president, I find general's side is low in weight.

Mahinda comparing to General though with his corruptions, he knows very well how to do the talks, and various stuff which a leader needs.

I am not sure whether you with me agree or not.

Anonymous said...

This concerns the question about the victory over the world's most ruthless terrorist organisation, the LTTE.

It is true Gen Sarath Fonseka (SF) commanded the Sri Lankan Army in this event. But the war was a contingent affair and SF's role alone will not have achieved victory. The Air Force cleared the front line, and the Navy prevented intercepted supply lines and blocked all movements in and out. President Mahinda Rajapaksha's (MR) role was multifarious. He created a free atmosphere for the operation by preventing the international pressure, answering the local politicos, controlling the media, limiting the movements of the local and international NGOs, providing all the relevant amenities and weaponry required in the battlefield, boosting the morale of the soldiers by approving a decent package in the instances of death and disability, indemnifying the soldiers in their actions in the battlefield, won the sympathy of the public irrespective of their ethnic differences, and establishing coordination between the key Ministries such as Health, Highway, Trade, Media, Social Service, etc. that were involved in the sustenance of the operation. While SF used only his two hands to carry out his task, MR used hundreds of hands to carry out his numerous tasks which guaranteed the smooth management of the Sri Lankan forces in the battle front. Therefore, while SF claims any credit from the public for his contribution, MR, though he does not boast of his particular personal performance and always shares the credit of the achievement with the entire nation, deserves at least a hundred times of what SF deserves. In the celebration of the war victory, the contrast behaviours of SF and MR respectively lead to a pathetic irony reducing SF to an immature mercenary. His numerous complaints about various shortcomings in the package extended to him in the event of his voluntary retirement shed light on his greed for prestige and luxury. What on earth does he want to do with 5 women soldiers? To run a hospital or a massage parlour for the 60 soldiers guarding him? Do these persons who are on duty at a man enjoying his retirement work for him for nothing? If their salary differs between LKR 20,000 and 30,000 what about the cost of the maintenance of the entire group? Then if his maintenance cost alone is so much will that help the nation? Of course when it is required a nation has to spend on various things. Even his protection cost has to be justified in that context. But if he says that the cost of the parliament has to be reduced and the saving made by it should be distributed among the public in terms of a salary increase of LKR 10,000, can he do it by using such a mass of labour for his personal use? What a hypocrite to fool the poor voter with all these unrealistic stories! Hope the public will not get carried away by the kind of sartorial elegance he has achieved in his photographs with the uniforms financed by the public funds.